Tensioned Fabric Pop-Up Display Walls

Straight or Curved Frame  10'w x 7'6h      7'6w x 7'6"h 
no endcaps  $975 $795

with endcaps

$995  $815


Less is often more, and with the Fab that phrase could not be more meaningful. By virtue of the all in one graphic there is certainly less to worry about with this pop-up frame than most. At 90 talll and 90 wide or 120 wide variants you wont get more advertising real estate to place in a tradeshow booth than with this ever popular backdrop. The crossbraced space frame design employs a stronger tube than its Quicklok cousin to keep the maximum tension in the fabric graphic. Printed on tensile fabric using the very latest dye sublimation technology to achieve maximum color while remaining wrinkle free in transit.

Includes free shipping bag

From Only
For a limited time
  Includes full color Dye Sublimation Print



All prices are wholesale, Dealers are free to set their own pricing

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