E-Z Tube Back Drops

E-Z Tube Curve 250

“A curvaceous and attractive wall of fabric display that uses a zipper to tension the image”



E-Z Tube Straight 250

“A simple yet elegant straight wall of fabric display zipped tight to look great”


E-Z tube Curve 300

“Simply the easiest way to create a stunning 3m backdrop”wall



E-Z Tube Straight 300

“3m of stretched canvas to create a stunning graphic backdrop



6m E-Z Tube Display Backdrop

“Image shown is with optional accents



E-Z Tube Instructional Video

E-Z Tubes available in many styles and sizes

We have E-Z Tube display backdrops available in Curved or straight styles in the following sizes:-

Height 2.3m
Widths 2.5m, 3m, 4m, 5m & 6m